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Who is Batsauce?

Batsauce (born Britt Traynham) is a musician/producer/DJ from Jacksonville, Florida. Following his well received EP & LP with Qwazaar, Batsauce debuts his instrumental intergalactic love saga entitled "Starcrossed." Batsauce is also one-third of the Smile Rays (along with Paten Locke & Lady Daisey). He has worked with Mr. Lif , Akrobatik, The AB's, Paten Locke, Lady Daisey, Surreal, Dillon, Chop, Boog Brown, and MassInfluence. Not to mention, the likes of Bahamadia, George Clinton, Vinnie Paz, and Dumbtron have appeared on his tracks. As well as an avid beatmaker, Batsauce is a multi-instrumentalist and DJ. He resides mostly in Berlin, when he isn't couch-surfing elsewhere.

  • Batsauce

  • "Batsauce is a beast; has a million beats and just keeps coming with them."

    Center Stage Chicago

  • "Back up a Mack truck and unload a ton of props and due respect to Batsauce. His production style invokes the sound of the classic ’88 without being derivative. When he cues up a soulful horn blast or drops a beat so infectious you damn near break your neck from nodding your head so hard, it’s not because it’s a welcome reprise from the mainstream, it’s because it’s unequivocally dope of its own accord."


  • "There are too many bangers to name when giving props to Batsauce, but his taste in selecting choice soul samples, quaint log cabins of lap tapped drum chops, and eerie as Fuck atmospheric additions make Batsauce one of 2011’s biggest surprises"

    The Agit Reader

  • "Skilled in the craft of flipping amazing samples into melodic beats, Batsauce is posed to be the next “it” thing in the world of underground hip-hop."

    URB Magazine

  • "Batsauce sets the mood with some space-age funk, staying just this side of 70s porn music."

    Rap Reviews